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Selling YOUR home or property is our top priority ~ and it's EASY!!!

Listing your property is not complicated ~ just give us a call to schedule an appointment.  We will come to your home with a listing contract, take a few  photos, measure the rooms, get your 'autograph' ~ and your home will be up on MLS and ready to show in no time!   Here's what happens next:


* During the first few weeks your home is listed, we will host a REALTOR OPEN HOUSE and invite all local Real-Estate Agents.  This will provide enthusiastic agents the opportunity to become familiar with your home so they can bring their buyers to look at it!


* We will coordinate with you and host OPEN HOUSES periodically, throughout the listing period.  These are typically on Sunday afternoons (ie: 2:00-4:00 p.m.)   This is a good time for you to go shopping...take in a Sunday matinee...spend the afternoon with a friend...and let Dodson & Associates Real Estate do the work!

Lake Texoma homes and land are our specialty ~ but we can "SHOW & SELL" any property listed on our local MLS.   If the home you wish to Buy or Sell is located outside of our sales area, we will be happy to assist you in locating a local REALTOR to list your home.


Drive by & Listen to what "the house" has to say ~ On Your Car Radio!

A unique service we offer FREE to our Listings!  Let us make your house the


RECEIVING AN OFFER!  If an interested buyer makes an offer on your home or land, (many times, a buyer will want to 'NEGOTIATE' ), the buyer's agent will contact me....and we will contact you and deliver a copy of their offer.  You will then have the opportunity to discuss and review the offer, and decide if you're willing to accept the buyer's offer ~ OR make a COUNTER-OFFER.  Once you come to an agreement on price and terms, the contract will be delivered to a local title company, and they will begin a "title search" to verify ownership of the property.

Most buyer's will include an "Option Fee" in their offer, requesting a specified number of days, (ie: 10-15 days, during which time they can complete any INSPECTIONS (structural/mechanical/termite) of the property they might wish to order, using an approved inspector...submit any further negotiations based on the result/s of these inspections, and/or terminate their contract for any reason).  Once the "OPTION PERIOD" ends, the buyer is then under  a "binding contract" to purchase your property, and cannot terminate unless their lender, if applicable, determines not to fund the loan as a result of Appraisal/Inspections/Survey or a repair issue that cannot be negotiated between Buyer and Seller.   If the buyer is planning to take out a loan (rather than pay cash) for the property, the buyer's lender will generally require that an APPRAISAL be done on the property (to assure the lender that the value of the property is equal to - or greater than - the amount of money they are planning to loan on it).  The title company will generally also require that a SURVEY be done on the property.  All of this takes time, (typically 3-5 weeks); once the lender determines that the title, loan value and boundaries are all correct and acceptable, they will notify the title company that the loan can be processed; the title company will then set a CLOSING DATE that fits your schedule - at which time both the buyer & seller go to the title company's office (or to one of their conveniently located branch offices), to sign final papers to transfer ownership of the property.  Typical costs paid by the Seller at closing are: 1) Pro-rated taxes up to the date of closing, and 2) Title Insurance, along with processing fees charged by the title company, and 3) Realtor's commission.  These charges are deducted from the sales price of your property.  The title company takes care of all of the paperwork and files the title transfer with the County Clerk's office...makes arrangement to pay off any existing mortgage you might owe on the property ~ and as soon as the loan is 'funded' (usually on the day of closing...or by the next day), you receive a check for the "Net Proceeds" of the sale of your property ~ it's as EASY as 1...2...3!!!

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